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  1. Internet protocol issues
  2. When Do I get VIP?
  3. Help
  4. VM Networking Issues
  5. Buying RID Membership
  6. Need a refund
  7. How do I get this bot?
  8. refund request
  9. OS Support
  10. RiD Account Recovery
  11. After buying lifetime do I need to contact someone>
  12. Pending ticket
  13. Retrieving old account!
  14. Account recovery
  15. How do I talk in the chat box?
  16. Account recovery password not working
  17. Just got unlimited....
  18. Help with ticket
  19. Bought credits a few days ago. What will happend to them?
  20. Refund Request Ticket
  21. Purchased unlimited but no access
  22. hi.
  23. I need some serious help, please
  24. Refund Ticket
  25. Is there A bot?
  26. help with click intervals...
  27. wrong payment with e-check
  28. I need help getting my RiD Account back.
  29. Need Help Getting RiD Account Back
  30. New assistance recovering account
  31. Runecrafting and genesis
  32. Just bought VIP
  33. New bot/VIP?
  34. Unlimited
  35. Just purchased unlimited vip
  36. Running beta on multiple computers
  37. When will this bot ever be created?
  38. How to start
  39. Help, I bought unlimited.
  40. Beta Access?
  41. Initiate
  42. Not getting emails - changes pending for 2+ weeks
  43. Old RiD Account
  44. HelpDesk Tickets?
  45. Just paid for your first yearly package? Need help installing/Downloading?
  46. Need help recovering old account
  47. Annual packages? lasts?
  48. my old old RID account
  49. Help needed | How to get RiD on a mac?
  50. help recovering old acc
  51. Recovering old account
  52. Refund
  53. When do I get my beta access?
  54. when will i get a reply on my ticket?
  55. Will their be alternate payment methods?
  56. Can the bot do right clicks?
  57. Navigation?
  58. how to become member?
  59. Environment help
  60. Environment / RID can't detect my game window
  61. stuck at logging in
  62. Calibration
  63. Cannot read my calibration
  64. About the Bot
  65. Proxies
  66. "slow reading: PC is taking too long to read gfx on-screen. unable to continue"
  67. Annual subscription - problem.
  68. My M1D1 isn't working (mining but not droping)
  69. I just subscribed
  70. Discord
  71. New Sub
  72. Seting up a Teleport bot or High alchemy bot
  73. Bought Annual package yesterday but still can't download bot.
  74. Subscribed to annual light genesis
  75. Can't log in
  76. bot wont do anything
  77. View Graphics Settings
  78. Tickets
  79. Issue recovering my account
  80. Email not sending to recover account
  81. How i Download the Bot ?
  82. how do i get the bot
  83. G'day, which sub option?
  84. SHop Buyer?
  85. New to RiD
  86. Purchased wrong package
  87. How do I download the client?
  88. Refund
  89. What does this error code mean?
  90. Refund for Heavy Package
  91. [HELP] Always calibrating ?
  92. Bought annual RiD Genesis, lots of questions/confusion
  93. Who could help me to purchase an annual subscription package?
  94. Run bot on background
  95. just bought the light pack
  96. light package
  97. how to expand action bar?
  98. I need help getting my old RiD account back please
  99. How do I drop items (iron ore) OSRS
  100. Fletching cape? :)
  101. Few questions about RiD
  102. Is RiD detectable ?
  103. Please help
  104. "slow reading: PC is taking too long to read gfx on-screen. unable to continue"
  105. Does anyone here successfully bot with Genesis on W10 without using tinybot VM?
  106. about the subscription
  107. slow reading: PC is taking too long to read gfx on-screen. unable to continue
  108. Hey guys.
  109. Can't login
  110. RiD bot or Genesis?
  111. How do I try the beta of osrs Genesis?
  112. Made a mistake.
  113. Support ticket
  114. Start button?
  115. Hoping I'm still able to be refunded
  116. any info on the ban rate,im new
  117. Bot idling
  118. How to run RiD while using your computer at the same time?
  119. Can't change to DirectX or SafeMode in RS Graphics?
  120. Support ticket
  121. Download
  122. Bought a sub need help
  123. refund
  124. Genesis not counting hours towards my account
  125. Refund
  126. Using Virtual Machines
  127. Need help setiting up fletching bot
  128. Is there any hope for me getting a refund?
  129. Need Assistance Creating Bot
  130. New smithing GUI not supported?
  131. Please unban user: Mr.Bijenglos
  132. Support Ticket
  133. Forgotten username.
  134. Bot not playing script
  135. Bot does not detect Smith bars 😣
  136. Refund?
  137. Bot Not Calibrating
  138. how do they chainban?
  139. RID Freezes After Calibration
  140. bot type
  141. Helpdesk?
  142. Paying for help making my fletching/safespot monster killing bot work.
  143. Customer support sucks
  144. Trying to buy NOT LIFETIME
  145. Login issue, Jar file
  146. Dealing with players in right-click menu?
  147. Slow Reading Component ID = 17
  148. I bought premium
  149. New Bank Presets Giving My Bot Trouble
  150. Can't use my old account
  151. How do i download RiD as of today?
  152. Help not receiving email for password recovery
  153. Bot Calibration Issue - RS3-OldSchool
  154. osrs botting
  155. Heavy membership to Lifetime change request
  156. It has been a while.
  157. Slow reading: PC is taking too long to read gfx on-screen. Unable to continue
  158. slow reading: component ID = 17
  159. Help getting set up with the Beta
  160. Help with Genesis (again)
  161. Forum Ranks
  162. Help please
  163. Purchased A package
  164. Purchased Genesis but still don't have it
  165. mouse moves, then pause, mouse move pause over and over
  166. Refund
  167. Refund
  168. Refund
  169. Previous User ~ 5+ years ago - Account Deleted?
  170. Unable to recover account
  171. Very small text
  172. [Need help] Construction bot almost works (RS3)
  173. Cooking bot randomly stops
  174. flax spinning?
  175. refund
  176. Purchased annual membership - where do I download genesis beta?
  177. Problem with payments
  178. I can't access my acccount.
  179. Any admins on to check tickets?
  180. RID freezing on Windows 10
  181. Keep getting machine data error
  182. I keep getting Machine Data Error after Calibration.
  183. Runelite Enviroment
  184. Can not connect to server
  185. Bot stops working after
  186. Inability to start bot
  187. RID Download "archive is an unknown format or damaged." ...plz
  188. Refund
  189. Problems with rs3
  190. AIO Longbow Fletcher
  191. shared scripts
  192. RID freezes when logging in
  193. Launching RID
  194. Runelite Help
  195. terminating due to slow screen redings
  196. Accidently got a subscription