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01-15-2017, 09:53 PM
Set Operating system zoom: 100% & don't set OS screen resolution higher than the resolution of your hardware, on Windows the resolution of your hardware will have a (recommended) next to it. You can check this by right-clicking your Windows desktop and selecting 'Display' -> 'Scale and Layout'. For example, below we set OS resolution to 1920x1080 or less:


If running game through web browser, Browser zoom: 100%


Run the game in Fixed Mode, using either the default client or Runelite. It's also highly recommended to have roofs off (under Advanced Options), and zoom at default (right-click mouse icon left of zoom bar, and select "Restore Default Zoom").

If using RuneLite, go to configuration

Disable the following: GPU, Mouse Tooltips, Camera, Ground Items, Interface Styles, Inventory Grid, Inventory Viewer, Item Charges, Item Identification, Item Prices, Item Stats, Stretched Mode, Tile Indicators, and World Map.

RS3 Retro -

Log in to the game, then click 'Cog/Gear' to open options menu.


Select dropdown menu option Load Layout -> Retro


Return to the options menu, then click Settings (top-left button in above image), and set the following:

UI Customization -> Transparency: off

UI Customization -> Hide Title bars: On (Requires interfaces to be locked for changes to apply)

Game Interaction -> mouseover text: off

If you still are unable to verify the bot is seeing your game properly, go to 'Cog/Gear -> Settings -> Graphics -> Manual Setup -> Min
Set your Draw Distance to AT LEAST Medium


It is highly recommended to set gfx to Minimum, which helps performance and makes it easier for the bot to read the screen.
Your GUI should look something like this (and, during calibration avoid clicking these areas):