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Mar 24, 2010 - 12:45 AM - by RiD
The Golden Age of botting is here...
In 2007 Jagex famously predicted macro software would become so human, that detection will be impossible. Robotz in Disguise (RiD) is the project which pioneered this new approach to botting.

RiD is different to regular bots in almost every way... It reads the game by viewing your computer screen not data, controls your mouse and keyboard instead of hacks, and the mouse movement is so realistic many don't even believe that RiD is entirely a bot... Just like a human player RiD plays RuneScape through a browser or Jagex's own client, it uses A.I. instead of scripts, enabling features like concentration, and distractions, making it impossible to predict, and it's even intelligent enough to have conversations with fellow players. Not to mention unique styles, black-box security, and many ground-breaking features you find only in RiD...

The consensus is RiD is undetectable at a theoretical level, this is backed up by a perfect record against the detection system lasting the entire duration of our latest generation of software, which has been in operation since August 2008.

Our software is developed in the Java programming language, 100% spyware and adware free and certified by buyershield (click the seal on our website to verify).

We even have two absolutely free top quality bots available, and all our premium bots are free to try. Earn 70M gold for $21 with BlackSmith, or for the same price get a 99 combat skill with Pest Control. Feel free to have a look around the forum to find out more. If like us, you don't enjoy repetitive tasks and agree 400+ hours repetition is excessive... stop wasting time, and join us!

"It could reach a point where macro software becomes undetectable" - Andrew Gower (creator of RuneScape)
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RiD Rules

Mar 23, 2017 - 10:19 AM - by Cedric
G'day mate, if you're reading this you are either an exemplary forum user or a banned one looking for a loophole. To make sure the whole operation runs smoothly we have written up a list of rules that you have to follow if you want to continue using our services.

Robotzindisguise Rules
These are the rules that govern the entirety of the site and official discord channel.

1. Behaviour

- Don't be toxic. This rule used to be divided into multiple rules (i.e.: don't flame/insult, etc.). To give you a general idea of what constitutes toxic behaviour it's mostly about flaming, harassing, spamming, bullying, being intentionally disruptive, disclosing other people's personal information, posting spoilers and picking fights.
- Respect the moderators and staff.
- Respect each other.

2. Links/Images

- Don't post links to graphic material without using the spoiler tags and marking it as
. Here is a tip to know when to spoiler something: ask yourself if you would send it to your mother? If the answer is no then use the tags.
- Don't post links to sites that may contain malware, generally if you don't know if it does you SHOULDN'T post it. If you do post such a link you will be held accountable whether you knew about it or not.
- Don't post links to the runescape website.

3. Advertising

- Don't advertise any RSPS.
- Don't advertise any botting service, you are however free to talk about them of course.
- Don't advertise any credit/ponzi/referral schemes.
- Don't spam your own personal website or page, i.e.: a deviantart page, it's okay to post it but within reason.
- Don't advertise the selling or buying of runescape or RiD accounts, the trading of... [Read More]
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