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Thread: Development Diary: RiD Genesis, a new botting platform

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiD View Post
    Yeah that's not quite right Trent, the bot does support simple non linear skills like you described, but you need to be quite rigid about your endpoint when it comes to navigation (you can click the map multiple times, but not too near the edge, and try to finish at roughly the same grid square each time) and make the trip 4+ times during calibration.

    Also there may be some locations the bot can't map successfully at the moment, I would say navigation needs more debugging. But the non linear aspect shouldn't be a problem.
    Forgive me if I come across as blunt... but hasn't this been a Work In Progress for like 5 years... and it can still only do bankable skills (or very limited non bankable)? I'm confused - do you see this bot being fully functional in the medium-term? (was just about to sign up until I saw this post).

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    It depends on your capabillities to be honest. The bot is capable to do a fair bit, but to expect a complicated bot as your first bot is unrealistic. There is an art to making a foolproof bot with this, so it is a commitment to understanding and trying (and trying again and again) to understand what you are trying to do, how to do it, and how to replicate it with the bot.

    I only play RS3, so it is different than a lot of the other players doing OSRS, but I have probably 25-30 bots of my own (made in RiD), and only probably 6-7 of them are bankstanding ones. Probably 10 are fairly stationary (moving 1-5 spots, but having everything in view all the time), and the rest are walking bots (simpler tasks like combat).

    So, I will warn you it isn't terribly intuitive and there will be times when you are like "I've done it perfect. There is no way this shouldn't work, it must be that the bot is broken".... and not like 2-3 times remaking the bot, you'll think through it again, and find it was actually your logical mistake.

    There are others on the forums who are VERY helpful in getting things worked out, etc, BUT I would caution you to not buy membership and immediately ask for hands-on help. People will be a whole lot more personable and helpful when they clearly understand you've tried breaking down the logic to the bare essence, and confirmed all of your graphical settings 100%.

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