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Thread: Development Diary: RiD Genesis, a new botting platform

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    Development Diary: RiD Genesis, a new botting platform

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to share with you information about my latest and most ambitious project to date... RiD Genesis.
    RiD Genesis has been a long-term goal of mine for a while, the two main features of this project are:

    - Allow users to design and create their own bots in an easy and intuitive way, without any coding.
    - Take a users biometric data, and use that to re-create their playing style.

    How will this be done?

    Up till release this is still subject to change, however the current plan is to use a 'finite state machine' model, where a bot consists of a set of 'states' and a set of 'actions'. At run-time the bot watches what's happening in-game, recognizes particular 'states' and takes the appropriate 'action' for the scenario it's faced with. This is a more human-like architecture than we were using previously.
    That may sound complicated... but in practice, all you'll need to do to create a bot is record yourself play.
    How long will you need to record for? The more the better... the more data the bot has the more accurately it can re-produce your playing style. About 45 minutes should provide a good level of detail, but exactly how much is up to you.
    A finite state machine for your task will be created automatically, and you will only have to edit that if/when you encounter a scenario that causes your bot to quit (which you will then be able to configure an appropriate action for, to avoid repeats of this problem again in the future), and you'll also be able to manually configure states and actions too.

    Will I be able to download and share bots?

    Yes, but when using a downloaded bot you still need to briefly record a few clicks, to pick up your biometric data.

    When will it be finished?

    Development is at an advanced stage, you can start using Genesis right now, from just £3.99 a month.

    I heard I will be able to use this for other things, not just RuneScape?

    You heard right, RiD Genesis is graphics based and there is nothing tying you down to RuneScape. Initial prototypes may be geared toward the RuneScape environment, but you will be able to configure your own settings to enable the bot to function in other environments, games, and repetitive tasks in general.

    How much will it cost, and will there be a free version?

    This is also still subject to change, but my plan is to make the basic stuff free, and charge for the human input service... So you could make bots for desktop games etc, where there's no need for humanlike input and have the mouse jump around the place... but to utilize your biometric data and tap into the 'human input' capabilities of this bot, you'll need to pay a monthly subscription (there will be three levels, depending on how many hours you would like to spend botting per day)

    Here's a vid one of our testers (Aufi) made, showing the bot in action:

    Here's a glimpse of the GUI:

    You can check out data on both your botting sessions and calibration sessions, and compare them side-by-side.

    The bot also tracks what you do with the mouse in-between actions, in the form of 'rest areas'.

    The bot measures and simulates the user's own characteristics - where you rest your mouse, how you click, click coordinate bullseye and spread, etc.
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    Ah yeah....

    Question Rid, people who bought unlimited will they be subject to pay a monthly service fee like you talked about in your thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Rain

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When will Genesis be released?
    A: Genesis is being developed solely by RiD and is continuously evolving to better meet the needs of RiD Members. It is not practical to give an exact release date, so please visit the forum to stay updated with the latest news on the Genesis project.

    Q: What is VIP Membership and should I buy it?
    A: VIP membership is an unlimited/lifetime subscription (no recurring payments) and the only way to unlock the highest subscription level (higher than ultimate). It is a long-term investment for those looking to enjoy Genesis for years to come, or show support for RiD during the development of Genesis.

    Q: How long will the ability to purchase VIP be available?
    A: Until beta testing begins, after which it will be discontinued, but will still be available from time to time through competitions and contests here on the forum.

    Q: What are the monthly subscription plans?
    A: LIGHT: 6 hours/day, £2.99/mo, £29.99/yr. HEAVY: 18 hours/day, £4.50/mo, £45/yr. ULTIMATE: 48 hours/day, £7.99/mo, £79.99/yr.

    Q: I still have bot credits that I've previously purchased, can I use them?
    A: Credits can be used at a rate of 1 credit per hour, or credits can be transferred to subscription time which offers more value.

    Q; Who will get to alpha or beta test Genesis?
    A: VIP Members will get alpha access to Genesis, and Hero/Veteran members will be invited to join later later, on the beta testing.

    Q: What does Genesis look like? Do I need to be able to code to use it?
    A: Genesis has a user-friendly interface and requires no coding. Please read the Introduction to the Genesis Interface threads for a more detailed explanation here:

    Q: Will Genesis be able to do Slayer?
    A: You will be able to do individual slayer tasks quite easily. What you'd do is create a generic bot for attacking monsters, then simply update the graphical information when you change to a new location/monsters (a 2-5 minute job). No re-calibration necessary. If you want it to be capable of doing ALL slayer tasks and being able to get new tasks and navigate to them, you will not be able to do that - not initially anyway.

    Q: Do I have to show Genesis every item I want to pick up? For example, I'm slaying and I want to pick up a variety of items that are valuable to me?
    A: You will be able to provide instructions on the name(s) of items to pick up, so you won't need to explicitly show ever single item being picked up in your calibration sessions.

    Q: Will Genesis be able to fight players or bosses?
    A: It will be able to fight stuff, yeah, of course. As for fighting players, that would need some small adjustments to the initial design, but no major obstacles to make it possible. Fighting bosses would be similar, fighting bosses tends to require a strategy. Unless you fight the boss a few times, it's unlikely to pick up your strategy from a calibration session. You'd need to manually configure it. Long story short, there's so many types of bosses and strategies, I cannot give a general answer, on what will be do-able in the initial version and what won't be. But Genesis will be an on-going project, updates will increase it's 'awareness', and increase the complexity of tasks you can setup.

    Q: Will I be able to use Genesis in other games besides RuneScape?
    A: Yes. Genesis will be initially geared toward repetitive point-and-click tasks, which occur in games like RuneScape. The long-term goal is to extend Genesis to perform first-person games too (where you use keyboard navigation, rather than point and click), but this will not be available until some time into the future.
    Thanks for the FAQ Iron
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    Holy macaroni, this is some awesome stuff!
    Fucking pumped for this update!

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    Just getting in here on the first page I think a lot of unlimiteds are about to be bought

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    I think Marsellus is correct.
    This is where RiD gets rich.

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