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Thread: Development Diary: RiD Genesis, a new botting platform

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiD View Post
    A lot of people have their OS gfx set up to either zoom in, or to simulate a higher screen resolut I ion. Either of these, will distort the pixels on your screen and lead to failure to recognize the in-game GUI/Map.

    So double check you don't have zoom or simulated resolution on, from your OS or GFX card display settings

    Edit: I updated the GFX settings thread to show you exactly how to check this.

    The Required GFX settings (
    All sorted now thanks buddy! Was a new laptop I had to mess with some GPU settings, Cheers!

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    Guys I have tried everything to get this bot to work. Different computers, different settings etc.
    Followed the guidelines for setup to the T.

    The bot will detect the client, world map and game items. But when I go to run it just moves the cursor around randomly. Even when using other users scripts it won't work.
    I'm guessing the bot is broken at the moment?

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