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    I am quite certain that RiD would work with you in order to sort something out. He would likely issue a return for the package that you had previously purchased and you would then buy the new one at “full” price - at least that has been done in the past.

    Im not sure if there would be a certain timeframe limitation or not, only @RiD can say for sure as he is ultimately the one who makes the decision as to how best proceed in those situations.

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    hello im new here i would like to know the answer to a couple questions i have. im planning on buying the light bot . if i buy it now does my subscription start then or is the genesis still in beta ? also how much does the light bot cost in us dollars. also if you guys could recommend a cheap laptop i would appreciate it something around 200$ so i can bot using rid and playing runescape 3. i currently dont have a laptop but i might get one in the following 1-2 months but i wouldnt mind buying the bot before hand if my subscription doesnt start.

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    Subscriptions don't start counting down till it's out of beta. The light package is about 38 dollars, depending on exchange rate.

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