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Thread: Genesis Error Code Information

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    Genesis Error Code Information

    If you closely examine the log.html file after running Genesis you will notice some clues associated with the actions which failed during run-time, or reasons why your bot may not be functioning properly. Below are some of the common error codes you may see, along with a brief description of what they mean and how to resolve the issue(s) that may be causing them.

    Useful Error Clues

    RQ - rage quit - the bot failed to correctly perform an action too many times, and as a result it quit. This one is somewhat generic, and really just identifies that the bot forced itself to quit instead of it being stopped manually.

    Action Selection Failed - The bot could not determine the proper "next" action, and as a result it quit. - Perform another calibration session and be sure to have clean and concise actions.

    Error Obtaining Target - Genesis could not find the target due to a bad world item calibration. - Re-define the world item(s) mentioned by the error.

    Error Finding Table / Row
    - Genesis could not find a specific menu with a table/row; i.e.: right-click menus, etc. - The menu/text needs to be added to the Environment you are using.

    Failed to click on world item
    – Genesis identified your world item, but miss-clicked it during bot run-time. - Re-define your world item, including all potential angles that my be visible during run-time.

    Action failed, click interface # - Genesis failed to properly locate the appropriate interface item. - Use the table below to see which component is causing the issue

    Environment Component Lists
    Below are lists of the individual components found within each of the two default environments included with the Genesis download. The numbers beside each should be the same as the number each item has inside of the Environment editor. Please let me know if you find any errors.

    Current Genesis Version - 0.982


    1. Game_Window
    2. Map
    3. Compass
    4. Inventory
    5. Inventory_Button
    6. Stats_Button
    7. Attack_Button
    8. Prayer_Button
    9. Magic_Button
    10. Logout_MenuButton
    11. World
    12. Bank_Window
    13. Bank_Items
    14. Bank_Inventory
    15. Magic_Spells
    16. Chat_Container
    17. Make_X_Menu
    18. Deposit_All
    19. Close_Bank
    20. Right_Click_Menu
    21. Enter_Amount
    22. Chat_Continue
    23. Chatbox
    24. Deposit_Equip
    25. Health_Container
    26. Prayer_Container
    27. Prayer_Val
    28. Health_Val
    29. Smith_Menu
    30. Smith_Option
    31. Crafting_Menu
    32. Crafting_Option
    33. Glassblowing_Menu
    34. Glassblowing_Option
    35. Crafting_Menu_Silver
    36. Crafting_Option_Silver
    37. Tanning_Menu
    38. Tanning_Option
    39. Depositbox_Menu
    40. Empty_Inventory
    41. Empty_Equip
    42. Option_3
    43. Items
    44. Planks_Menu
    45. Plank_Option
    46. Prayer_Select
    47. Teletab_Menu
    48. Teletab_Option
    49. Furniture_Menu
    50. Furniture_Option


    1. Game
    2. Map
    3. Compass
    4. World
    5. PinEntry
    6. Bank
    7. Bank_Inventory
    8. MakeXMenu
    9. MakeXWaiting
    10. RHS_Panel
    11. Right_Click_Menu
    12. Bank_Items
    13. Close_Bank
    14. Deposit_All
    15. MakeX_Start
    16. Inventory
    17. Inventory_Tab
    18. Tool_Select
    19. Tool_left_container
    20. Tool_right_container
    21. 1st_tool
    22. last_tool
    23. Tool_mid_container
    24. middle_tool
    25. Armor_Tab
    26. Stats_Tab
    27. Friends_Tab
    28. Chat_Panel
    29. Divination_Menu
    30. Option_1
    31. Option_2
    32. Option_3

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    Hey Stoke,

    Sorry to bump such an old post but I had a question. My bot is crashing after a couple repetitions of the actions programmed. It's weird because it does a few inventories fine, closes bank, and then crashes. I am getting error code "a2 osrs e1 e1" - Would e1 be "error obtaining target"?

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    Update - I have added for each environment a list of all of the components with their corresponding interface numbers. Use these as a reference when you encounter entries in your log similar to "Error locating interface item #" and/or if your bot is having trouble locating or interacting with a part of the interface/environment.
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    Hi there,

    In the "New Environment" when starting the bot, it doesn't show "RS3" or "OSRS" all it shows is "New Environment", please help!

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    Had same issue mate, you'll need to re-extract the RiD files (Don't need to re-download now though since it auto updates)

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    Are these outdated or still used for de-bugging?

    Im getting strings like this while partially functioning now...An improvement though!!

    e5 e8 cabS-1608579350627 f3-truecabF-null-0-1608579590216 9a(false) cwi0 cwi1 cwi2-6-6 awi wi0 wi1-2 wi2A wi2B wi2 n=2 ad cd ap1 ap2 cwi-e 9b 9c pra-1458-261-269-928-2cb-rcb-ic B cb-ic cb-asid cb-fc cb-asid 2 cb-cs cb-ui cb-ir cb-fl cb-cr cb-ra cb-i1 cb-nl cb nl=0 cb-i2 cb-tc cb-p cb-f cb-bi cb-la cb-gp cb-fin cb-sh cb-fp cb-trtc 9d 9d2 i1 i2 OSRS

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