I would like to know whether this bot would be able to "afk" style kill mobs in RS3 sunken pyramid.
My aim is to make a bot that will use aggression pots or run out of room and back again, whilst keeping health up and remaining invisible to bot detection systems.
I currently afk farm spiritual warriors in Sunken Pyramid using magic to train combat and invention, either leaving and re-entering to cause aggro again or use of aggression potions, health rarely drops below 75% and every 5 minutes will use ultimate abilities to heal up.
I would like to find something that means I don't need to keep looking back at the screen to re-apply potions/eat/check item xp and stop myself from timing out after 5 minutes.

Currently using MurGee random auto clicker with multiple instances to perform a number of tasks. Each instance uses a random time between set values, and each instance will click randomly in a set parameter.
Every roughly 6 minutes it will click my aggression potions, every 2 minutes will click somewhere along the bar of my chat tabs, and every roughly 3 minutes will perform another action.

I wanted to know before purchasing whether this would further reduce my chances of getting banned as my only worry is whether mouse pathing is tracked.