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Thread: Hey lads.

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    Hey lads.

    Hello, I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Helios and I'm 20 from Wales. I currently don't bot on runescape but I do play a LOT of OSRS and I suppose the main reason I'm here is to learn. I really want to get into learning various programming lanugages, right now I'm learning JS and would like to find out if I could apply it to anything with my current knowledge. My goal is to make my own private hacks for games such as esp, aimbot and so on for games such as but not limited to FPS/survival games. I also would love to code my own bot. But the reason I've come HERE is not because I want to learn to make a bot that runs off scripts, I want my bot to be an AI. I want to teach it and play with it so it learns from me and in the future play the game the way I play it. I just want to say I don't want to do these things for nefarious reasons, just as fun and as a hobby. Hacking in games is fun IMO, I've bought plenty of hacks but there always seemed to be something lacking from them, maybe personal touch? But when I learn everything I need to know or atleast the basics I can develope my own and learn further from my own mistakes. I hope I've come to the right place for small bits of information and help from time to time. I look forward to meeting you guys.

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    Hi IllegalHelios and welcome to RiD Forums! Damn another botter, looks like we'll have to expand our sweatshops.

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    that's awesome m8! welcome to the forums and thanks for the intro

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    Welcome my good sir!

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