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Thread: RiD MTA? What happened?

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    RiD MTA? What happened?

    Hey RiD community,

    Hope someone can help me out. I use to use RiD mage training arena bot long time ago, maybe 2009?

    So i recebtly started playing rsos again and i was trying to find the RiD MTA bot that they had but cant find it... use to love both the hunting and the mta bot...

    So what happened to it? Wanted to purchase some credit for it...

    Anyone can help?

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    Unfortunately, those bots are looooong gone. RiD came up with Genesis, which means you pay monthly or annually and make your own bot.

    Here you can pay for Genesis -

    Once you've paid for your subscription here is where you can download the RiD Client -

    Also, do lots and lots of research on 'how-to-guides' on the forum and Youtube videos on how to use Genesis because it can be quite cumbersome in the beginning. Right now Genesis can only handle basic bank standing tasks for the most part.

    Let me know if this helps, we have a lot of knowledgeable RiD members on here.
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    I still got mta v1.0 and mta v1.1 on my pc somewhere.

    too bad genesis is nothing like those & pricey. Yet I haven't seen much progress w/ genesis :S

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    just gotta have faith bois

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