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uhm, personally the best botting software i've ever used.

Takes time to understand the program and setup your PC correctly, but I bot over 10+ hrs /day and have had absolutely no issues or bans. Botting on lvl 3 accounts, and also main accounts.

Easily get 200m xp in Herblore, Arch, Thieving, Divination, Mining, Smithing, etc... I mean you can pretty much create your own bot for any task in rs3/osrs.

Additionally, there are like 0 bots for RS3 currently on the market. This is the only bot that I have found that is functional. Absolutely amazing bot honestly.

I've been using this bot since before they did the revamp. The old version of RiD, and that was excellent. I remember the OSRS Pest Control bot was fantastic.

Take some time and figure out how to use the software, once you learn it you can bot pretty much any skill, and I have 100% confidence in this bot being undetectable.

If you need help with getting bots working or VMware setup; there are plenty of people here that will help you. If you would like for me to help you setup a bot for free, just let me know.

This software with proper funding and team of developers would be an absolutely amazing investment in my personal opinion.

The only downfall is that it seems like its a small team working on the project. They have amazing ideas, and execution, but it takes years to create a final product or flawless product. Which is good, but I think this software has a ton of potential, not just for Botting, but overall automation on the PC.

Honestly, if you take into consideration that people pay over $20/day for Call Of Duty: Warzone hacks, this software is an absolute hidden gem.

Can you help me set up osrs rune essence miner? the screenshot it takes is always 2/4ths to 3/4ths of the screen and yes I removed roofs and adjusted zoom to default etc.